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Resources for Small Businesses

We have an ever-expanding range of articles and other resources aimed at helping small business owners manage their own websites.

In line with our philosophy to be a partner to our customers and not just “the people who made my website”, we’ve tried to create resources that are genuinely useful and should help you make more informed decisions about what work requires you to spend money on a developer and what you can actually do yourself with just a little bit of research.

We’re always on the lookout for a new topic to write about so if there’s something you would like more information on, please Get in Touch with us and let us know!

The True Cost of a DIY Website
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The True Cost of a DIY Website

So you’re thinking of getting a website for your business. At this stage you’re probably looking around at the various web developers out there and wondering…why are they all so expensive? You’ve seen the ads for Wix and Squarespace promising a FREE website builder that you can use to create your own website. So what are these developers charging for?
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About Webfiki

Webfiki was created to serve the ongoing web design and  development needs of small businesses in the Sydney region.We love building websites and we offer packages for both Basic Small Business websites and E-Commerce websites as well as more customized options but for us, that’s only the start of the journey. Our philosophy at Webfiki is to be a partner for your business.While you handle the strategy and day-to-day of your business, let us handle your website.
"Webfiki designed a great website for my studio, which is really helpful for my business. I would definitely recommend them to my friends who also need website design."

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Our Services

We build websites for small businesses in the Sydney area. 

We also offer web design and development services for small businesses with an existing website. These services range from revamps and re-designs to optimizing security and SEO as well as all the little odd jobs that pop up from time to time.

So if you’re a small business owner in the Sydney area looking for help building or maintaining your website, Get in Touch with us today! Or, if you would like more information about the services we offer, please select the button below for descriptions and pricing.

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