The True Cost of a DIY Website

So you’re thinking of getting a website for your business. At this stage you’re probably looking around at the various web developers out there and wondering…why are they all so expensive? You’ve seen the ads for Wix and Squarespace promising a FREE website builder that you can use to create your own website. So what are these developers charging for?

While the tools available these days make building a website a very simple and intuitive process, they do not guarantee that that website will be any good at doing what a business’s website is supposed to do…promote your business. This is what professional website developers are charging for. They’re charging for their expertise in structuring websites, crafting content and selecting images that will ensure a seamless, professional experience for your customers.

But again…how hard could this be? You know your business better than anyone, surely it couldn’t be that hard to write a few words explaining what your business does. Plus, with phone cameras these days being what they are, you know you could take some pretty good pictures of your own to showcase the best aspects of your business to prospective customers. And as for structuring the website…you could just take a peek at your competitors and copy what they did! Easy peasy. You just saved a few thousand dollars that you can now put back into your business.

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Fast forward a few hours though and it’s now 12am. You need to wake up at 6am and get started on your work for the day. You’re exhausted and nothing is looking like it’s supposed to. The website builder you’ve chosen isn’t letting you size your images like you want to, the different pages of your website look like they were made by totally different people and when you do a google search for your business, your website is nowhere to be seen.

Now this may seem overly pessimistic and I understand if at this point you’re thinking to yourself ‘Sure, of course you would say that…you’re a web developer! You just want me to think it’s too hard so I hire you’. And you would be correct. Although not completely. The thing is, all the challenges you’re likely to face when making a website for your business are absolutely able to be overcome by someone with the ability to search for answers in online forums and enough patience to read those answers…which I would assume is well within your own abilities because having patience and being able to read are pretty basic criteria for being a business owner. So I don’t think that making a website for your business will be too hard for you. What I think, is that the amount of time you will need to invest in learning how to build a good website that is actually an asset to your business instead of a liability is probably not going to be worth it for you. As a rough guide, when I made my first website it took about a month to get everything the way I wanted. And that was after spending 10 weeks doing a web development course that introduced me to the more technical aspects of web development and a Bachelor of Film degree that introduced me to graphic design programs. So my question for you is, how much is your time worth to you?

At the end of the day, a website is an asset for your business. In all likelihood, it will probably be one of the most valuable assets you will ever purchase. If done right, it will act as your most dedicated salesperson, working around the clock to find customers for your business, explaining to them why your business is unique and then guiding them in through your door for the first time. It will also take care of your existing customers. It’ll send them vital updates on your business that you think they might be interested in. It’ll record the great experiences that these customers had with your business and exhibit them to prospective new customers. In short, a great website will save you time and make you money. So while it may seem like an easy choice to do it yourself instead of hire a developer, I would urge you to think again. I have no doubt in my mind that you can make a great website yourself if you so choose but before you do, just pause to think about what you’ve read here today and evaluate the true costs of doing it yourself. Your time is valuable.

The Good News

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